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Chemetall, Boksburg: Multi-Purpose Chemical Plant

The Multi Purpose Plant at Chemetall is used for the production and processing of various acidic and alkali components used in the high grade paint manufacturing industry. The Plant comprises a tank farm for the various chemicals / reagents and associated offloading handling facilities. The finished product tanks and transfer pumps are also located in the tank farm bunded area.

The reactor vessels were manufactured from stainless steel ranging from 304L to 904L and lined, where necessary, to handle the various reagents. The reactors are fed from reagent headers above the reactors with batch controllers on each header to manage the make up in each reactor. Steam for heating and cooling water circuits maintain the jacketed reactor vessels at optimal temperatures for each specific reactor and product.

For certain products, manual chemical additions are also made to the reactors and agitators to ensure complete mixing of the reagents.

A steam boiler, deionised water plant, cooling water and chilled water plants form part of the installation. A packed bed scrubber plant was supplied to recover toxic fumes from the various reactor vessels to ensure safe working conditions and a clean environment.