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Western Platinum Refinery, Springs: High Contact Bed Scrubbers and Ducting System

A turnkey project for a multi-stage Gas Scrubbing Plant and comprehensive ducted extraction system for the removal and treatment of various refinery process gas streams. Total designed gas flow rate for the system is approximately 90 000 Nm3/hr provided by a single stage 450 kW induced draught centrifugal fan with full standby unit.

Three packed bed scrubbers with integral holding tanks were designed to absorb HCL and Cl2 from the refinery process gas streams. In all instances, scrub liquor is pumped from the scrubber vessel holding tank and re-introduced to the column through a liquid dispersion distribution system designed specifically for large diameter columns, with the liquor flowing counter current to the incoming gas stream. Periodically, liquor from each of the scrubbers is returned to the client for re-use and in certain instances, waste liquor may be pumped to effluent.

The clean gas exiting the scrubber train complies with the environmental legislation requirements of emission concentration levels of HCL and Cl2 that can be discharged to atmosphere. All Scrubbers and Fans can be individually isolated on the inlet and outlet ducts to cater for maintenance of each with the Plant remaining operational at all times. Each Scrubber has a diameter in excess of 4,0 metres with a total working height of 16 metres. All system materials of construction are GRP.